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Why Should You Wear Bike Riding Gloves

First, what is the need to wear bike riding gloves

Wearing gloves while riding is mainly for safety and comfort reasons.

Wearing gloves can reduce the danger caused by sweaty and slippery palms, and can also provide some protection in case of an accidental crash.

The grip of mountain bikes usually has an uneven and non-slip structure, so wearing gloves will make our riding experience more comfortable.

The thick cushioned part of the palm of the hand can absorb shock and cushion and relieve the numbness of the hand from long hours of riding. In the summer time can be used to wipe sweat, can be used to protect the hands from the sun, winter can also protect the cold.

INBIKE bike riding gloves
INBIKE bicycle riding gloves

Second, what are the functions of bicycle gloves

Although the gloves are small, but according to the different parts of the wearer, the material will be correspondingly different. For example, the back of the hand is generally made of a combination of sweat-absorbing, breathable, sun-proof, or cold-proof materials; while the palm of the hand is more inclined to anti-slip and wear-resistant, cushioning shock absorption. So, although the gloves are small, but every part of the design is intentional and thoughtful.


To avoid sweltering, the surface material of cycling gloves usually uses Lycra, nylon, polyester, a three-layer combination of three layers of fabric laminated cloth.

Lycra is the most widely used because of its good elasticity.

Three layers of laminated fabric, the outermost layer is mesh, the middle is waterproof and breathable film, the inner layer is brushed cloth, both splash-proof and cold, is in the cold areas, or winter cold gloves on the more commonly used materials.

Wipe sweat.

In the thumb area of the cycling gloves, there is usually a towel cloth, you can wipe away a small amount of sweat that affects your vision during the ride.

Anti-slip and wear-resistant.

The main material of the palm part of the cycling gloves, because to be in contact with the grip all the time, so the anti-slip and wear-resistant performance is very important. Now the use of more, is the PU imitation leather material.

Shock absorption.

The palm part of the bike riding gloves, usually with thickened thick pad part, the material has sponge, EVA foam (ethylene – vinyl acetate copolymer made of rubber foam), SBR foam (butadiene rubber, butadiene and styrene copolymer), TPE foam (thermoplastic elastomer, also known as artificial rubber or synthetic rubber), memory foam, shock-absorbing gel (Gel), etc..

According to the shock-absorbing effect, it is about shock-absorbing gel > memory foam > TPE > SBR > EVA > sponge.

Among them, the memory foam will slowly pop up after being pressed, so it can hold the grip better during use. Although the shock absorption effect is weaker than the shock absorption gel, it is more suitable as a shock absorption material for cycling gloves for road bikes and leisure bikes that ride on flat terrain and general paved roads.

Third, Wearing and cleaning of cycling gloves.

Putting on: Because cycling gloves are relatively close to the hand, there are usually some special designs in the finger area or wrist area to facilitate putting on and taking off.

If these easy to take off design is not very smooth, it is recommended to pull the palm part to take off the gloves, because the design of the palm part is more wear-resistant will be more resistant to pull, while the back part of the hand will be relatively thin.

Cleaning: You can soak and rub them with soapy water after the ride and place them in the shade to dry. Avoid exposure to the sun, and try not to use hot water, bleach and other cleaning, easy to make the gloves ball up, the fabric becomes loose. It can even lead to deformation of the glove.

Four, the key of purchasing.

Full finger or half finger.

Generally speaking, the full-finger gloves, only after the temperature drops to single digits, there is a need to wear. Most of the time, half-finger gloves will be enough.

The advantage of half-finger gloves is that they are cool and flexible. From the pocket to pull out some energy gel, cell phones, wallets and other things are very convenient. And the disadvantage is not waterproof, not cold.


Generally speaking, the size of the glove is related to the height. But each manufacturer’s yardage will have some slight differences, even men and women, adults and children’s palm finger ratio also differ. So the point of this aspect of size is fit.

Due to the material of cycling gloves, proper washing will not make the gloves loose or shrink and tighten, so there is no need to deliberately buy a small one or buy a large one.

If you have fat fingers, you can pick a glove that has the entire back of the hand or is vertically stitched. Vertical stitching can keep the horizontal extension of elasticity when wearing, not to tight.


If the usual cycling to ride mainly, there is little need to spend a lot of money to buy a more functional cycling gloves.

If it’s a child, pick a child’s glove, in addition to the size, shock absorption, breathable and other functions do not need too much, but need to emphasize the anti-slip wear-resistant function. Safety first.

Now on the market, there are some, add a reflective strip of gloves, will be more suitable for small children and commuting party.


Glove color, style, brand, etc., or need to refer to their own often worn cycling clothing, daily clothing, and vehicle painting, etc., choose to match the overall look and feel of the product.

Fifth, summary

Cycling gloves look inconspicuous, but in the cycling process, for cycling safety and cycling comfort made a great contribution. So, before riding, please make sure you have picked yourself a good pair of gloves!

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