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Mid-Year Sale: 10% Off with Code: Inbike10

Basics of Motorcycle Protective Gear

The topic of wearing motorcycle protective gear is a cliché, so I won’t dwell on its importance here. In this article, we’ll talk about what’s going on with motorcycle equipment, and some of the basics of motorcycle gear. These ideas are based on very limited personal experience, and are intended to share with the majority of motorcyclists some of their equipment and riding experience, and are not universal or instructive.

Motorcycle accessories, to be precise, refers to the helmet, riding clothes, riding gloves, riding boots, and some accessories (such as headgear, neck cover, straps, internal and external independent protective gear, wind goggles, etc.) that you need to wear when riding a motorcycle. In terms of the complete theory of motorcycle riding, riding equipment is actually part of the motorcycle.

Because in terms of motorcycle riding, it has very strong and distinctive characteristics. The first point is the way it handles, which is directly related to the driving and control of the motorcycle, and the equipment is related to the gloves. We will talk about this later.

The second feature is its 360-degree open-air? The riding environment. This feature directly determines all the requirements of the motorcycle geare we wear. Simply put, cycling equipment separates us from the harsh external environment, allowing us to safely and comfortably enjoy the fun and process of cycling itself. In this sense, the riding gear itself is an inseparable whole with the motorcycle, a part of the motorcycle, and when we ride, we must be in the riding gear to be considered complete.

What are the important motorcycle protective gear?

First, Helmet

First of all an open riding environment means that our heads are exposed to the air environment. When riding at high speeds, a helmet firstly ensures that our head is not blown directly by the wind or hit by unknown objects, thus ensuring that our head remains in a normal riding condition. Secondly, in the event of an accident, the helmet can protect the head and foreign objects to play a cushioning protection role when the impact. The importance of the head to the body goes without saying. Wearing a helmet is the same as saving your life. This is the first piece of equipment that must be worn on a motorcycle, at any moment.

Second, motorcycle gloves

Having said that, many people will ask why gloves and not other parts. Most of the reasons for this are related to the way the motorcycle handles. Motorcycle handlebars are controlled by the left hand squeezing the clutch and the right hand twisting the throttle and squeezing the front brake. Both hands control the direction of the car directly through the handlebars, which is fundamentally different from the wheel-drive control of a car.

It is because of this, together with the two wheels of forward and cornering, and the direct power output from the engine under the buttocks, that the motorcycle, which weighs only about 200 kg, has its unparalleled direct and strong sense of control and speed.

Motorcycle protective gear
Motorcycle protective gear

The motorbike riding gloves are optimized to support these movements and are made after a lot of experience and data development to ensure the precision and comfort of the controls. Another very important point is that in the event of a crash, we will use 100% of our hands to touch the ground or the object being hit, which is almost subconscious.

In a high-speed crash, gloves are as important as other motorcycle accessories, but in a low-speed crash, gloves are almost always the most important. This is because it is almost always the hands that touch any object first to ensure our balance and self-protection. That’s why gloves are the most essential piece of riding equipment besides a helmet, so please make it a good habit to wear gloves on any ride.

Speak of motorcycle gloves, you can check this following video about the review of INBIKE motorcycle gloves.

INBIKE Motorcycle Gloves Review

Third, riding clothes and riding boots

Because everyone knows about wearing helmets and gloves, however, the knowledge of riding clothes and riding boots is slightly less. In fact, motorcycle riding as a sport is no less professional than other sports such as basketball in terms of the need for riding clothes and shoes and boots. These two pieces of motorcycle equipment have the same two attributes, which are to make your ride more comfortable and safer, respectively.

The primary attribute of riding clothes and helmets similar, is windproof, especially the high wind pressure brought about by high-speed riding, so most of the riding clothes are made of polyester (commonly known as polyester) type of fabric and cowhide; secondly, the design of riding clothes are tight-fitting design, with riding experience of motorcyclists certainly know, high-speed riding, if the riding clothes do not fit, it will cause the clothes to swing, and even seriously affect the normal riding.

In addition, certain rainproof performance, three-layer removable design of multi-seasonal adaptability, reflective strip design, multiple pockets and zipper ducts, etc., are designed for a comfortable ride. And the safety point is naturally needless to say , the standard shoulder and elbow, crotch, knee and other protective gear, so that you can maximize the accidental fall of the bike and reduce their own damage.

In addition, the additional chest and back protectors and other protective accessories such as neck protectors can also be more comprehensive for you to bring protection. The design of the riding boots is also the same, the thickening of the upper hanging gear, the reflective strip on the heel of the shoe, the raised protection at the ankle, the overall rubber of the outsole, etc., all of which are designed to make your whole ride? Comfortable,? safety.

In short, it is still the same words, the motorcycle protective gear is to make you enjoy the ride more, and secondly, to protect your body safety. There is no bike ride without a fall, we are just the first time because of the fall to the hospital to suffer money, into the purchase of equipment to enjoy it.

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