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Mid-Year Sale: 10% Off with Code: Inbike10

How to Select Motorcycle Protective Gear

As the world’s motorcycle market becomes more and more sophisticated, the main concern of motorcycle riders is the safety of their motorcycle equipment. In addition to choosing a good helmet to protect the head, elbow pads, knee pads and riding boots are equally important. For newcomers to motorcycling, there is always the question of how do I select protective gear? So today, let’s talk about it.

Decision 1: Soft or Hard Protective Gear

Since the most important thing about protective gear is the protection function, many newbies naturally think that the harder the gear, the better. Titanium alloy or stainless steel protective gear although higher strength, but too hard material in the protection of our at the same time may also cause secondary injuries in the accident.

Hard protective gear can only be effective protection at low speeds, but at high speeds (Highside) when a violent impact occurs, the metal fracture will be more dangerous!

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INBIKE protective equipment

Decision 2:Partial or comprehensive

Most of the protective gear on the market are mainly independent straps, but when crashing at high speed, this type of protective gear will be displaced! Once the displacement occurs, the protection of such protective gear will be infinitely reduced, or even zero, so the separate protective gear is not suitable for high-speed driving!

So then, the importance of motorcycle clothing comes into play! Because the built-in protective gear is not easily displaced, and comprehensive protection, so cycling clothing is often the first choice of protective gear to go out riding. Nowadays, there is a complete range of protective gear on the market, and there are targeted products for different seasons and riding environments, so you can choose according to your actual needs, the better!

Decision 3: Loose or tight fitting

Generally speaking, motorbike apparel should be one size smaller than the size you are comfortable wearing. This is the only way that the jersey can fit your body tightly and the protective gear will not shift during the sliding process after a crash. This also avoids the secondary damage caused by friction between the cycling suit and your skin due to the gap.

Protective gear is basically complete, just a pair of cycling boots ……

As far as motorcycle trips are concerned, falls are inevitable, but please be sure to keep the following three points in mind.

It is always cheaper to repair a car than to repair a person! Vehicle damage and spare parts can be replaced, but physical damage may cause permanent consequences!

In addition to the helmet, please be sure to wear a full set of protective gear, we are never sure “accident and tomorrow which comes first”, so as long as the car, the basic protective gear to wear neatly!

In addition, let’s talk briefly about helmets.

The head is the most vulnerable part is also the most likely to cause death when you fall, so the helmet is an indispensable piece of equipment in daily riding, it can effectively protect the head, but also to reduce the air to help.

Helmets are mainly divided into: full helmet, cross-country helmet, 3/4 helmet, half helmet, combination helmet and top lift helmet.

Full helmet: as the name implies, the whole head are wrapped in the kind of standard quality of about 1.5kg.

Off-road helmet: The most testy kind, commonly used in motocross, without goggles.

Three-quarter helmet: Simply put, is not covered the chin full helmet, air force helmets generally use this design.

Half helmet is Harley helmet, covering the top of the head of the kind, but some countries have banned the use.

Assembly helmet, top lift helmet: that is, the chin device can be lifted to the top of the head of the kind.

About protective equipment, the vast majority of riders will budget on the helmet, admittedly the head for the human body is very important, but never ignore the protection for the feet! But where the feet are injured, the light is not easy to move, the heavy is incapacitated. If you can, it is recommended that after cutting the budget of some helmets, you give priority to riding boots!

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