Is cycling fun?

Before answering, I want to tell you something about INBIKE.

We are a group of friends gathered because of the love of cycling.
We made the decision.
INBIKE was founded in 2007.
We explore with curiosity.
We are keen on developing kind of accessories.
Wherever you go, we will accompany you.

Our story is evolving.

Over past several years, INBIKE has attracted many customers from North American and Europe.

We also have established long-term relationships with distributors in many countries around the world!

We have launched four series of products: road bike cycling, city commuting, off-road and touring related to cycling and motorbiking.

We are devoted to provide the best protection to all cycling enthusiasts.

We always believe that we can do better out of love.

We will never stop innovating.

We hope to make progress with you with professionalism and love!

When the evening comes and the dim light of night fell, INBIKE accompanies you cross through the traffic flow, and the neon lights  gleams your face.

You are in the nature. 

All we want is to let you enjoy the fun of cycling.

Is cycling fun?

Of course yes!
Always on the way!

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