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Why Do You Need Cycling Pants/Shorts

Cycling pants or shorts are important for your riding comfort. Because the elastic fabric is good for wrapping the muscles of the buttocks and thighs, and has a certain role in protecting the muscles of exercise.

Main Functions of Cycling Pants/Shorts with Pad

  1. Elastic fabric: It is good for wrapping the muscles of the buttocks and thighs, and has a certain role in protecting the muscles of exercise (the same effect as running tights).
  2. Tight-fitting design: It is beneficial to reduce wind resistance when riding a bicycle. When the thigh moves up and down, it reduces the friction between the inner thigh and the seat, and protects the skin of the thigh from being scratched.
  3. Inner pad design: It can properly absorb shock, diffuse pressure distribution, reduce cycling discomfort and pressure.
  4. Special trousers fabric and inner pad material: made of coolmax material, which can effectively divert and dissipate heat and sweat. Wearing tight single cycling pants not only facilitates the pedaling action when riding, but the pads of the cycling pants not only increase the comfort, but also avoid the friction between the inner thighs and the seat cushion.

A good pad should be sweat-wicking, quick-drying, strong wrapping and not stuffy, and of course 3D cutting is the best. It is often seen that riders deliberately choose to wear large-sized cycling pants in order to avoid the “tightness” of single cycling pants; as a result, the waist of the pants keeps falling off, and the pants continue to run up when riding… Visually, it also deducts a lot of points (feeling If you don’t ride a bike, you will lose one step); Tight but stretchable cycling pants can protect the muscles and reduce the soreness and fatigue of the muscles when riding.

inbike cycling pants bib shorts
INBIKE Cycling Shorts Bib


Standard padded leggings are for road/mountain bike use. Because this kind of cycling pants is mostly made of LYCRA fabric, it has strong elasticity and can move freely. The high-end cycling pants are made of COOLMAX material, which is very breathable. Even if you wear cycling pants made of this kind of fabric in summer, you will not feel uncomfortable or worry about prickly heat. At the same time, it is also very effective in reducing the pressure on the genitals.

As a variant of the standard cycling pants, there are also many models such as trousers, underwear, bibs, loose pants and so on. Those fat bike pants are basically for mountain bike use. Some people find it too embarrassing to wear leggings, so clothing manufacturers make these cycling pants on purpose. Usually fat and large cycling pants. Breathability is extremely poor, especially in summer. It was terribly hot. There is no elasticity on the ground fabric, and it is easy to slide down the back waist when riding (while the back waist of the standard cycling pants is slightly higher, it has been adapted to the curved back riding posture).

The thick and rigid belt made breathing difficult. Riding comfort is paramount. The more comfortable it is, the faster and farther you can ride. The reason is that simple. In contrast, wearing underwear inside and wearing a pair of beach pants on the outside is better. Trousers and bibs are mainly designed for cycling in cooler seasons. The breathability of this kind of trousers fabric is not high, but its thermal insulation ability is good.

Usually, it has some reflective designs near the feet, which increases the aesthetics of the design and also ensures the safety of riding at night. Only a small number of people use cycling inside, and domestic bicycles are more of a means of transportation, but if you really ride a bike, you will feel that cycling is a lot of fun.

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