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Mid-Year Sale: 10% Off with Code: Inbike10

Mid-Year Sale: 10% Off with Code: Inbike10

New Series Is Coming Soon

INBIKE will launch a new series of cycling apparel that combines style, function, and the environmental protection.

All new INBIKE jerseys are used high quality fabrics, even the RPET fabric.

This new line of cycling apparel delivers the concept that INBIKE has the ability the satisfy your need of performanc, meanwhile, we are also have the responsibility minimize the environmental impact.

When designing new INBIKE cycling apparel series, designers have drawn inspiration from our historic heritage to create collections that are clean and classic. This process is an attempt to get back to the basics to provide more suitable cycling apparel.

What’s the Design

Environmental protection series is the main concept of this series. We use recycled fabrics to create this series concept. This series advocates the concept of gender-neutral design. The same color for men and women makes the brand more diverse. SustainabilityIt is a topic that the brand has been paying attention to. This environmentally friendly fabric series made of recycled materials has elegant and bright colors.

Series Concept Overview:

Fashion and tonal.

Suitable temperature:

15- -30 degrees

Product Features

Environmental friendly renewable fabric, with 60% Recycled Polyester environmentally friendly yarn, which is antibacterial, suction and drainage, etcAnti-ultraviolet UV50+Cuffs, front hem fit with seamless technology for added comfortThe choice of multiple colors allows you to personalize the matching at will, and the blessing of 3D silicone logo increases the fashion degreeDesign Features:

The design of the short section closely follows the fashion trend, showing long legs

Pocket reflective image logo for added security

Zipper on the right side of the pocket for easy access to valuables

The steel-pressed non-slip webbing on the rear hem meets the anti-slip function and has its own brand fashion tone.

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