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Why Does INBIKE Choose The RPET Fabric

Humans have been wearing clothes for 70,000 years. From the initial purpose of covering the body and resisting the wind and cold, to the pursuit of comfort and beauty, the function of clothing has undergone earth-shaking changes. People hope that clothing should be both comfortable and environmentally friendly.

Why RPET fabric is more popular?

Environmental protection has gradually become a design trend that cannot be ignored, and environmentally friendly fiber clothing will be the future development trend. This change not only reflects the progress of science and technology, but also reflects people’s quality of life. The requirements are constantly increasing, and the advancement of science and technology makes such changes possible.

RPET cycling apparel
INBIKE bib shorts

Waste PET bottles

According to incomplete statistics, one million tons of discarded PET bottles cover the earth’s surface every year, and more than one billion pieces of clothing are discarded, constantly refreshing the landfill and pollution data on the earth.

Ocean problems

A series of problems such as global warming effect, contradiction between man and land, and marine pollution have attracted more and more attention. Environmental protection has become urgent. Environmentally friendly recycled polyester fabrics and chemical fiber biodegradable fabrics are born.

Recycled polyester fiber is made of recycled waste cola bottles as raw materials, and PET bottles can be processed into PET fragments after removal of caps, delabels, washing, classification, crushing, flotation, etc. After that, it is made into recycled polyester filament.

Resource recycling and recycling are currently widely used methods to reduce carbon emissions. Green fiber is of great significance to protecting the environment and saving resources.

a. Reduce the consumption of crude oil raw materials

b. Save the energy consumed by crude oil in the manufacturing process of raw silk

c. Reduce carbon dioxide emissions to slow down the rate of global warming

d. Prevent soil and air pollution caused by flooding and burning

So INBIKE choose RPET fabric in the products will be launched later. This series cycling apparel shows the responsibility of INBIKE brand. We will try our best to combine the environmental protection and comfort and give you the best experience.

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