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Mid-Year Sale: 10% Off with Code: Inbike10

Tips for Long Distance Riding

Nowadays, environmental protection and green life is a new trend. So many people choose cycling as a way of commuting. For those cycling  enthusiasts, riding a bike is a habit and they would like to choose touring bike and long distance riding. Cycling is not only a way of green life, but also a good way for exercising. However, for many people, long distance riding is not so easy for many new riders. So in this article, we will list some tips to help those new riders to avoid being hurt.

How to Prepare for Long Distance Riding

Firstly, if it is a long time riding, you may have various numbness and soreness in the buttocks, hands, waist and feet, so we will recommend you have a physical exercise before riding. Because a good body can greatly reduce the damage caused by long time riding.

Secondly, suitable cycling accessories and apparel are necessary for both short distance and long distance riding. This refers to a good bike, plus a full set of personal armed equipment, which means helmets, sunglasses, jackets with reflective strips and bindings. In summer, it is best to have quick-drying clothes, riding pants and riding gloves. Moreover, a high quality outdoor rain jacket is also needed.

In addition to arming yourself, you also need to give your bike some security measures. You can need a water bottle holder for your water bottle, a set of repair things, a bell, a headlight, and a tail light or reflector light for the back of the bike. A yardstick is also needed if you want to control speed and distance.

long distance riding

Thirdly, for people who don’t ride bikes often, if they suddenly ride on a mountain bike, they will feel discomfort. So a high quality seat cover, which can make the buttocks suffer less pressure is quite necessary.  Breathable and comfortable cycling pants are still necessary.

If you are riding for a long time, a backpack is still very necessary. It should be loaded with some household items and some other essential supplies, etc. You can also install a car seat in the back of the car to put some other small items to ensure that you need to use the things can be found.

When a new rider starts riding, it is essential to control his speed. Long-term cycling is an endurance sport and does not need to be fast. And be sure to pay attention to the companionship, the risk factor of riding alone is relatively high.

If it’s a long trip ride, remember to store life-saving food fixed in your bag, and it is best not to pick dangerous roads to take. You’d better stop moving forward at night when it is raining heavily. A group of people can have fun together and still be safe. Keep your valuables and documents close to you in your bag.

This post is just for your reference. If you have better idea or you think there is something wrong. Please just leave your comment below and discuss with us.

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