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Mid-Year Sale: 10% Off with Code: Inbike10

Tips for Choosing Outdoor Cycling Rain Jacket

For long distance or rainy day riding, a suitable outdoor cycling rain jacket is necessary. But many new cyclists may ask that how to choose the right raincoat. So we share this article with all of you, and hoping it is helpful to those new to cycling. If you are experiences riders or you have better experience, please just leave your comment below or join our club to discuss.

How to Choose Cycling Rain Jacket

The following is some tips we think useful.

cycling rain jacket
INBIKE outdoor rain jacket

First, waterproof design

For a outdoor cycling raincoat, waterproof design is the most basic factor to consider when choosing. If it’s not waterproof, it can’t be called a cycling raincoat. When choosing a cycling raincoat, the first and foremost thing to look at is its waterproof performance. When you choose, you should check carefully to see if the pressure rubber strip inside the cycling raincoat is flat and if there is no blistering phenomenon. In addition, you also need to consider the conditions you use the raincoat. Different waterproof index can suit different situations. Waterproof index 10000mmH2O can satisfy many people’s need. If you are interested, we can talk about waterproof index later.

Second, the cuff design.

As we all know, cyclists are keen to ride is all year-round, so even if you buy it in the summer, you need to take the winter warmth into account . Remember to check whether the cuffs of the cycling raincoat are tightened in a suitable way. Because for all cyclists, wearing warm gloves is necessary in winter, so if the cuffs are not tightened properly, it will affect the overall warmth effect.

Third, the zipper design.

Most of the outdoor rain jacket uses waterproof zippers to prevent the rain. So please check the quality of the zipper. If it is a normal zipper with a flap, pay attention to whether there is a foldback edge at the flap. This design allows rainwater to flow down the foldback edge without seeping into the zipper.

Fourth, the hood design.

You can choose a raincoat with hood, and you can also choose one with detachable hood. So you can have multi-choice for different use.

To sum up, practical use, wind and rain protection are the most important factors when choosing outdoor cycling rain jacket. If those tips we shared are helpful to you, please leave us a comment. We would like to share more tips about choosing cycling gear. Stay Connected.

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