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Qualities of a Good Moto Jacket

Motorcyclists are people who travel on motorbikes. These people are generally biker fans, who have a love for motorbikes and like to ride around on them, so today we’re going to talk about what you should look for a good moto jacket. There are many benefits to riding in professional motorcycle clothing, it makes you cool and it allows you to protect yourself better.

Things for a good moto jacket: safety, comfort and style


It is a fundamental part of a motorcycle jacket, and with professional biker suits, manufacturers will add protective materials at specific points in the production process, including the shoulders, elbows, back etc. Some protective materials are placed inside the biker suit, and some protective equipment is sewn onto the suit, such as resin guards and high strength woven materials. Of course there are many different types of protective gear, all of which are different and different in appearance, but the ultimate goal is to protect the rider.

There is an industry standard for protective gear and that is CE certification, which is a mandatory certification for sports protection products in Europe and the USA.

Hard protective gear includes PVC, metal, hard rubber etc. It has the advantage of being resistant to friction and punctures, as this type of gear is relatively hard, the impact cushioning performance will be poor. These hard protective gears are generally used for the production of external protective gears and are generally used in harsh road conditions.

Soft protective gear generally contains EVA, XPE, synthetic rubber, etc. Its advantages are also the disadvantages of hard protective gear, soft texture, comfortable to wear, impact cushioning performance is also better, generally in high-speed flat road, the protection is also higher than hard protective gear, can play a good shock absorption cushioning effect.

When riding a motorbike, many accidents are due to the fact that drivers on the opposite side of the road do not see you when riding at night. Therefore, nowadays, formal biker clothing is generally made with reflective strips, which can be the first time for surrounding drivers to see you, and generally reflective strips are set in many places of the clothing, such as the arms, front chest, back, shoulders and other obvious locations.

INBIKE moto jacket
INBIKE Moto Jacket


Good biker clothing is generally very good in terms of comfort. They focus on the rider’s riding experience, for example, the sleeves should be slightly longer, there should be good space in the shoulders, the back waist should be slightly longer to cover the gap between the clothing and the trousers, and it should be tight and airtight, wind and rain resistant.


When riding in the summer, ventilation is a very important design. You don’t have to open your outerwear to ride in the heat, you just need to open the ventilation holes in your clothing to provide ventilation. They are usually designed under the armpits, but of course there are also biker suits that are designed elsewhere.


The lining

Many biker suits have a removable inner lining, so it is important to make sure that the lining can be fixed in multiple places, otherwise it will be detached from the biker suit when we take it off, or left alone. The liner is made from a single breathable fabric like a tracksuit to ensure that it is breathable and wicks sweat.


Biker jackets are generally divided into two types: leather jackets and textile jackets. Textile fabrics are mostly polyester or nylon, often made from high-strength Oxford or Taslon fabrics, and regular biker jackets are generally made from 500D-600D high-count thread to increase wear resistance.


The more pockets on a biker jacket, the better, but whether they are inside or outside pockets, they should generally be airtight, mainly to prevent loss, and we rarely take out our phones when cycling, so don’t worry about inconvenient access.

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