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Mid-Year Sale: 10% Off with Code: Inbike10

How to Choose Motorcycle Gloves

For a rider, a good set of equipment can make him ride more comfortably, and a good pair of motorcycle gloves can help the rider to maintain a good sense of handling while riding to prevent the rider from hurting his hands in the wind and sun. But how can riders choose a suitable glove for their motorbikes?

Today INBIKE will discuss this problem with you.

How to choose a pair of motorcycle gloves for yourself


Gloves are first worn on your hands, so it is important to fit yourself, not only will not fit gloves affect the sense of manipulation of the motorcycle, and may make your hands in the process of riding injuries… First of all, the first thing that fits is the right size. Everyone’s hands are different in shape and size, so how do you choose a suitable size for yourself? You can measure the width of your palm beforehand, and then when the gloves arrive, make sure to try them on, so that your fingers are slightly bent.

INBIKIE motorcycle gloves


Do these gloves have air vents? Do you choose to wear them in all seasons or to keep warm in winter? There is no additional protection, is not in line with your own use of the scene, the production of synthetic materials or animal skin, is not able to have a touch screen function, these must go to understand clearly, after you make a choice, it is related to your future will not want to use this glove, rather than for some reason let your gloves in the corner to eat dust.


Protection is the most important function of motorbike gloves, and the protection function determines whether it can provide you with the necessary help, and in the level of protection to choose, you can also decide according to their daily use of the scene, if you need a high level of protection, you can buy the hard texture of the protective material gloves, and if the level of protection is not very high demand, you can choose the texture soft material, so that in the process of use will be more comfortable.

When you pick motorcycle gloves, please do not just choose the cheap one for fear of trouble, because the gloves are a line of defense in case of emergency, so that you have room to operate, and in case of a fall, the probability of hand injury is also very high, because the palm of the hand is likely to be the first part of your contact with the ground, so we must pay attention to the choice of gloves, suitable for yourself. And you can also get CE certified protective gloves if you have the conditions.

So before go out for a motorbike riding, please make sure that you have being well protected. We all know that motorbike riding is kind of risky. So get yourself a pair of high quality motorcycle gloves, a protective helmet and full armored if necessary.

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