If you want to start a long distance cycling trip, you should also know how to protect yourself in many aspects. Staying hydrated, protecting yourself from sun damage, having balanced meals, and training properly can help you are away from injury and deliver better results. A warm-up before you ride or the right choice of recovery snack can make your cycling experience that much better. And if weight loss is a goal, some of these tips could help you get there faster! To many people, cycling is a good choice for exercising, getting active, and keeping fit. A 30-minute session of cycling may help you to burn upward of 300 calories. If you’re cycling outdoors or in the countryside, it is also a wonderful way to get some fresh air. But, if you want to enjoy this sport, you need to get safety at the first time. Here are some tips for a safe and interesting cycling journey. 1. Check Your Bike Safety is extremely important if you’re cycling with kids. According to estimates, around 300,000 children end up needing emergency medical care linked to cycling injuries every year, and around 10,000 need hospitalization. Head injuries are a potentially life threatening issue, so make sure you know how to make your ride as safe as possible. Right-sized bike: Pick a bike with correct size for you. When standing astride your bike with feet flat on the ground, ensure 1–3 inches between the top bar and your body. Brake check: Check them to see they’re working fine before you set off on a ride. Tire check: Ensure your tires are inflated. Chain check: Lubricate your bike chain from time to time to keep it in good working order. 2. Invest In The Gear Getting the right cycling clothing is important. Here are some things you can refer to: Bright clothes: Wear bright clothes to keep you can be seen to avoid collisions. No loose clothes: Loose clothing will make you get caught in the chain or tires of bikes and cause a nasty fall or accident. So wearing comfortable clothes to ensure you can move easily. Elbow and knee pads: Extra layer of padding helps avoid bad scrapes, bumps, and bruises. So elbow and knee pads are necessary while cycling. Good biking helmet. Protecting your head is so vital, thus it will be wise for you to make a invest in a good quality biking helmet. Small useful tools. Bring handy tools to solve some unforeseen circumstances. Mini high pressure bike pump, bike bags, bike headlight, tail light are necessary during your cycling. In this post, we share you some preparation tips for long distance trip. You can keep following INBIKE to get more details.