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Mid-Year Sale: 10% Off with Code: Inbike10

10 of the Best Bike Helmets You Can Buy Today 

As a cyclist, the most important safety gear you can wear is a bike helmet. Bike helmets protect your head from injury in the event of an accident or crash. Modern bike helmets are lightweight, well ventilated and offer superior protection compared to helmets of the past. Many also have additional features like visors, integrated rear lights and crash replacement policies. To determine the best bike helmets, we looked at helmet safety ratings and certifications, ventilation, comfort, features, weight, price and reviews from expert sources and buyers. Based on all these factors, here are 10 of the top-rated and best bike helmets you can buy today:

10 Best Bike Helmets to Choose

  1. POC Octal X Road Helmet – The POC Octal X is a lightweight road bike helmet that offers safety, ventilation and performance. It has reinforced areas around the temple and back of the head, and an unbreakable visor to protect from sun glare and rain. The large vents and interior channeling provide excellent airflow to keep you cool, even on summer rides.
  2. Giro Aether MIPS Road Helmet – The Giro Aether is an ultra-lightweight road bike helmet with MIPS technology to protect against rotational impact forces. It has a semi-aero design that can shave seconds off your time, while the Roc Loc Air system allows customized fit adjustments. An NFC chip allows you to register your helmet with Giro in case of a crash replacement.
  3. Bern FL1 Trail MIPS Helmet – For mountain biking, the Bern FL1 is an excellent choice. It has flexible panels and a multi-impact liner with MIPS technology to protect during tumbles on trails. The ratchet-based fit system is easy to adjust and the helmet weighs only 12.9 ounces. Vents designed like auditoriums pull in cool air, making this a helmet suitable for all off-road conditions.
  4. Lumos Smart Matrix Helmet – The Lumos Smart Matrix is a high-tech commuter bike helmet with built-in LED turn signals controlled by a wireless handlebar remote. The rear brake light also responds dynamically depending on how hard you brake. This is a great helmet for cycling at night or in traffic to provide an extra measure of caution. The helmet meets safety standards and has an injection-molded polyurethane foam interior.
  5. Smith Optics Signal MIPS Helmet – The Signal from Smith Optics offers high-level performance and safety features for road cycling at a lower price than premium brands. It has a MIPS liner, comfortable gel pads, 21 air vents and an adjustable visor. The matte finish and minimalist design look good on and off the bike. For value, safety, ventilation and comfort, the Signal MIPS is hard to beat.
  6. Kask Valegro Road Helmet – The Kask Valegro is a lightweight road bike helmet that provides superior ventilation and comfort. It has 37 large vents and a mesh covered interior to keep you cool. The Octo Fit retention system allows micro adjustments to get the perfect fit. An anti-allergenic, washable chin pad and strap make it ideal for long, sweaty rides. The Kask Valegro helmet meets all safety certifications for protection with a polycarbonate outer shell.
  7. POC Tectal Race SPIN Helmet – For mountain biking, the POC Tectal Race SPIN is a premium helmet with innovative safety technology. SPIN, or Shearing Pads INside, are silicone inserts that provide rotational impact protection for your brain. The helmet is highly ventilated, has an adjustable visor, and uses a comfortable strap adjustment system. POC also included an integrated rear LED light and space for goggle straps and a action camera mount. The unibody shell construction provides extended coverage and durability.
  8. Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet – The Schwinn Thrasher is an extremely affordable adult bike helmet with 21 flow vents to keep you cool. The webbing and tapes are moisture wicking, and the Dial Fit adjustable system allows quick, easy fitting. While most inexpensive helmets lack style, the matte black Thrasher looks good for casual road cycling or commuting. At a budget-friendly price, the Thrasher provides solid safety and comfort perfect for new cyclists.
  9. Nutcase Street Bike Helmet – For fun and style, Nutcase helmets are unmatched. The Street helmet is certified safe for biking and skating, with creative designs like faux denim “jean”, camouflage, and hand-polished original artworks. Three sets of foam pads allows you to adapt the fit as needed. Nutcase uses expanded polystyrene foam for protection, with each helmet meeting safety certifications like CPSC standards for bicycling. An affordable, good-looking helmet kids and adults will want to wear.
  10. Giro Foray MIPS Bike Helmet – The Giro Foray provides all the features and performance of premium bike helmets at a lower price. It incorporates MIPS technology for protection against rotational forces, has 21 air vents with internal channeling for airflow, and uses Giro’s In Form fit system for a custom fit that retains shape over time. The polycarbonate in-mold construction is lightweight but durable, and the helmet includes a visor and crash replacement policy. An excellent value for a highly-featured and safe bike helmet.

In summary, whether you need a road, mountain or commuting bike helmet, there are excellent options available from brands like POC, Giro, Bell, Lumos and others. Look for a helmet that provides great impact protection, ventilation, comfort and also offers the specific features you need for your riding style. A quality bike helmet is a small investment to make for protecting your head—and your life.

How about INBIKE Cycling Helmet

INBIKE Cycling Helmet is an affordable bike helmet that provides basic safety features at a budget-friendly price. Some details about this helmet:

best bike helmets

It has a durable hard shell ABS outer casing with shock-absorbing EPS foam inner lining. The EPS foam is expanded polystyrene that protects your head by absorbing impact energy. The helmet meets the CPSC safety certification for cycling.

There are 21 air vents and internal air channels to provide ventilation and airflow to keep you cool while riding. However, some reviewers note the ventilation could be better, especially for more strenuous riding.

The helmet has an adjustable strap and dial to customize the fit. It comes with two interchangeable sizing pads to suit different head sizes. When fitted properly, the helmet is quite comfortable, though not as high-tech as some other brands.

The helmet is very lightweight at just 0.62 pounds. The low profile, minimal design comes in matte black, white or red and looks stylish.

Reflective rear stickers help to increase visibility for nighttime riding. Some models also include a detachable visor.

For the price, the INBIKE helmet is a solid, safe choice for recreational cycling, commuting or casual road biking. However, the protection and features may not match more premium helmets for avid cyclists or extreme conditions.

The helmet ranges from $25 to $75 in price, depending on the model and color. At the lower end of the price range, it represents good value as an entry-level or backup bike helmet.

Reviews from cyclists are mostly positive for fit, comfort and styling, given the affordable pricing. The main downsides are less advanced safety technology and ventilation compared to more expensive helmets. But for casual riding, the INBIKE does the job at a wallet-friendly price.

Overall, if you’re looking for an inexpensive yet safe bike helmet for casual riding, INBIKE Cycling Helmet is worth considering. However, for high mileage, high performance cycling or mountain biking, you’ll likely want to invest in a helmet with superior impact protection, ventilation and comfort. Within a limited budget though, the INBIKE provides good basic function.

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