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Mid-Year Sale: 10% Off with Code: Inbike10

How to Choose Children Bicycle Helmet

For children, whose heads are still growing and developing, helmets are especially critical in preventing traumatic brain injuries when cycling. However, how to choose a suitable helmet for a child can be challenging given the range of options available nowadays. As kids learn how to ride bicycles at a young age, it is extremely important to instill in them the habit of wearing a proper fitting bicycle helmet every time they ride. According to statistics, helmets can reduce the risk of head injuries by up to 88% in the event of an accident. Here are some key tips to help select a helmet your child will love wearing each time they ride.

Get the Proper Fit

The most important thing is to get a bike helmet that fits your child’s head properly. Helmets that are too large will not adequately protect their head in a crash, while helmets that are too small can be uncomfortable and negatively impact their riding experience. Have your child try on different helmets and do some tests to determine the best fit.

The children bicycle helmet should sit level on your child’s head, cover most of their forehead, and not tilt back or slide around. Have them shake their head from side to side to check if the helmet stays in place. You should only be able to slide two fingers under the strap. The straps should also form a “V” shape below each ear.

For added safety, you want a bike helmet with dual internal padding that you can tighten or loosen to achieve the perfect individual fit as their head grows. Make sure to re-test the helmet fit each riding season and replace the helmet at least every two years, or sooner if necessary.

how to choose bicycle helmet

Choose a Style They Will Wear

Kids will be much more likely to wear a helmet if they pick one they think looks fun and cool. Give your child options to choose from different styles, colors, and graphics that match what their friends have or what their favorite bike or cartoon character is. For young kids, you can even customize helmets with stickers to make it uniquely their own. Having them part of the decision-making process will make them enthusiastic about wearing the bike helmet each time they ride their bike.

Other Considerations

For road cycling, choose a helmet that meets the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s CPSC safety standards for bicycling. Look for a certification stamp on the inside of the helmet.

For BMX or mountain biking, consider helmets specifically designed for these activities that also meet safety standards. They typically provide more rear-head coverage and are more durable.

Consider helmets with visors to provide shade and prevent glare. Remove visors for BMX/stunt riding as they can block peripheral vision.

Look for helmets with bright colors/reflective details, especially for kids riding at night. This enhances their visibility to drivers and other riders.

Do not forget to also consider your child’s head circumference to determine the correct helmet size. Most brands have a size range from infant through large adult sizes.

With some care and consideration of the factors above, you can find a safe, comfortable and stylish children bicycle helmet your child will enjoy wearing every time they ride. Instilling this habit at a young age will help ensure their safety and security for years of cycling adventures to come. Childhood bike injuries are preventable – get them in the helmet habit today!

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