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Mid-Year Sale: 10% Off with Code: Inbike10

Why XRD Padding is a Game Changer for Cycling Gloves

Traditional foam padding can pack out and lose shock absorption over time. But new XRD padding technology is a real game changer when it comes to padding in cycling gloves.

A good pair of cycling gloves is crucial for every rider. The padding in gloves helps reduce vibration, prevents numbness and bruising, and protects your hands during falls. That’s why it’s important to choose gloves with high-quality padding that lasts.

What is XRD?

XRD is an innovative padding material made from a proprietary polymer compound. XRD was originally created by Saucony for athletic shoe midsoles. It diffuses impact through a unique molecular structure and provides consistent cushioning mile after mile.

Why XRD Padding is Revolutionizing Cycling Gloves

Here’s a look at the key benefits of XRD padding technology in cycling gloves:

XRD gloves

Superior Shock Absorption

The molecular structure of XRD enables it to absorb shock and impact far better than traditional padding like EVA foam. XRD doesn’t fully compress or permanently deform when impacted. It retains its shape and rebounds quickly to continue diffusing vibrations and hits.

No Packing Out

Foam padding eventually compacts down and loses shock absorbing capabilities. But XRD maintains its cushioning properties over any distance. The pads won’t pack out or need to be replaced due to diminished performance.

Gel-Like Cushioning Feel

Despite the exceptional impact protection, XRD delivers a soft, gel-like feel. There’s no bulky or stiff feeling underhand. The pads cushion vibrations to reduce hand and finger numbness on long rides.

Targeted Protection

Brands using XRD position the pads strategically in high impact zones. This includes the palm, between the fingers, knuckles, fingertips, and ulnar side of the hand. Targeted protection right where you need it most.

Lightweight Construction

XRD adds protection without adding bulk or weight to gloves. It enables a lightweight, breathable back-of-hand design for comfort and ventilation.

Eco-Friendly Material

Unlike foams which degrade into microplastics, XRD maintains its integrity over time. This makes it a more sustainable padding choice as it won’t release chemical compounds when breaking down.

Seamless Integration

XRD pads are engineered to integrate seamlessly into glove design. They are covered with a supple synthetic leather layer for a smooth feel across your hand.

Long Lasting Performance

While pricier up front, XRD padding maintains its shock absorbing properties much longer than traditional materials. Less need to replace gloves means saving money in the long run.

Top Cycling Brands Using XRD

Premium cycling glove brands using XRD padding include Pearl Izumi, Giro, Salsa Cycles, and INBIKE. For each brand, the XRD gloves sit at the top end of their lineup design for competitive and endurance riders.

INBIKE cycling gloves

The Future of XRD Padding

As more brands recognize the benefits of XRD for impact protection and comfort, the technology will likely expand into more cycling glove models. It provides unmatched longevity versus traditional padding materials. Expect to see XRD become the new standard as brands choose the most effective padding to protect cyclists’ hands.

For padding that doesn’t pack out or lose performance, XRD is a game changing technology. It provides exceptional comfort and protection mile after mile. Any rider logging serious miles would benefit from the long-lasting quality of XRD-padded cycling gloves.

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