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Mid-Year Sale: 10% Off with Code: Inbike10

Things to Consider When Choosing Motorcycle Gloves

Riding a motorcycle every day or riding long distances without the habit of wearing motorbike gloves can make our palms sore in the area between our fingers due to the continuous grip and braking phenomenon, and as the time goes by, even calluses can develop. Wearing motorcycle gloves can also protect your hands if an accident occurs, in addition to reduce fatigue and hand pain. But choosing motorcycle gloves may be confusing.

For people who ride motorbike regularly, a pair of motorbike gloves is considered a necessity for safety equipment. Not only do they have an aesthetic function, but they can also prevent injuries caused by accidents. In addition, wearing gloves can keep you warm in winter, and in the summer, they can help block UV rays from the sun.

Tips for Choosing Motorcycle Gloves

When choosing motorbike gloves, many people will first think about color, pattern and glove style.

choosing motorcycle gloves
INBIKE motorcycle gloves

But in my opinion, the color is not the first to consider. We should consider whether the gloves we choose are suitable for our use. According to the general classification, there are two basic types of motorcycle gloves for sale, including short gloves and long gloves.

Short finger gloves include 2 types.

Cloth gloves have good heat dissipation and are suitable for driving in the city, for small displacement vehicles or off-road bikes.

Half finger leather motorbike gloves can be used for driving in the city or for short trips, including leather gloves and artificial leather gloves.

Full Finger Motorbike Gloves

Longer types of gloves are suitable for long trips or on the track because it helps protect you more and also protects you from sunlight to UV rays. Although many people think it is too hot to wear gloves, safety can not be divided into seasons, and a reliable pair of motorcycl egloves is very useful for protecting your hands in a collision at high speed.

After deciding on the type of glove, a very important thing to consider when choosing motorcycle gloves is sizing. A size that fits your hands will maximize the protective effect of the glove, if it is too large it will reduce the protective function and if it is too small it will make your hands feel uncomfortable.

Another thing is to pay attention to the functionality of the gloves, such as fall protection, waterproof, breathable, touch screen design, wiper function, material, etc. It is not that you can wear simple gloves for daily cycling, so it is entirely based on your needs to choose.

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