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Mid-Year Sale: 10% Off with Code: Inbike10

Mid-Year Sale: 10% Off with Code: Inbike10

Skills to Choose Cycling Clothing

Among the cycling equipment, one of the most important is the cycling clothing. It determines the performance of the entire riding comfort and sport level. Cycling clothing is so important, what aspects should we pay attention to.

  1. The version is very important. Cycling apparel is essential, so when choosing it, you must choose the most suitable one. And suitable cycling apparel has considerable research in terms of version, and the points are very detailed.

Generally speaking, there are mainly the following types of cycling clothes:

Top Competition Version Cycling Clothing

It is extremely attached to the body, strongly wraps and compresses muscles, improves sports performance, and effectively reduces riding wind resistance.

Professional Competitive Version

3D drape cutting, excellent wearing feeling, perfect combination of sports performance and comfort

Training Sports Version

cycling clothing
INBIKE Cycling Clothing

The standard riding posture is used as the basis for cutting the version, which can perfectly experience the riding comfort.

  1. If it is a cycling underwear, because it is worn close to the body, so pay attention to comfort when choosing fabrics. Cycling clothing fabrics are characterized by functionality, protection, fit and comfort. In winter when the weather is colder, they are usually warm and breathable. When the weather is hot, we must choose a product with good breathability and perspiration, which can quickly discharge a lot of sweat and keep the body surface dry.
  2. From the details, you can see the quality and grade of the jersey. There are a few main points:

(1) Workmanship – the stitches are dense, neat and exquisite, without rough thread ends.

(2) Accessories – The most critical accessory for cycling clothing is the zipper. YKK is a world-famous zipper, and it can also be regarded as a symbol of high-end brand positioning; secondly, look at the elastic or non-slip belt, which is soft and highly elastic.

(3) Color – Cycling is an environmentally friendly sport, and the ink used must be environmentally friendly.

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