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Mid-Year Sale: 10% Off with Code: Inbike10

How to Choose Cycling Shorts

Cycling shorts or pants are a kind of tight pants for cyclists, divided into male and female models, male models have a similar bicycle rubber pad configuration, that is, the bicycle seat pad sewn in the crotch of the pants, so as to better protect that part of the male. Cycling pants /shorts also have the role of sweat absorption.

Cycling pants are one of the most important pieces of cycling apparel, which not only help you reduce the pain, but also reduce wind resistance to improve comfort and multiply the fun of cycling.

1. the right size of cycling shorts

If you’re too shy to wear tights and choose a size larger to fit loosely, you’re making a big mistake.

The purpose of tight cycling pants is to fix the pads in the right position. If the pads are not fixed firmly or in the correct position.

INBIKE cycling shorts
INBIKE cycling shorts

2. the price.

You may think the higher the price is , the better the quality is. However, the choice of pants or shorts should be based on your own body and riding habits. For example, generally speaking, the professional team’s pants pads are thin because professional athletes have long training with a very human “iron butt”, so they are more concerned about improving the efficiency of pedaling and breathability of the long race, so a thin layer of sponge, as long as the protection of the skin is not worn out is enough.

Such a thin pad obviously won’t work for first-time riders. In addition, riding habits are different, if you just take a weekend ride, then there is no need to care too much about the thickness of the pad, thin point instead of stuffy.

Standard tight-fitting cycling pants/shorts with pads are common for road/mountain cross country. It can be called the best cycling clothing. Because these cycling pants or shorts are mostly made of LYCRA fabric, and it is stretchy and moves freely. High-grade cycling pants use COOLMAX, so the breathability is very good, even in the summer, you can still wear just will not.

3. the material of the pads.

Basically, there are silicone and sponge. Silicone is not breathable with a long time, and it is also easy to shrink deformation. Moreover, it is easy for the crotch to breed bacteria because of the bad breathablity. Silicone is soft with good elasticity. And sponge is breathable, if you choose a good sponge, it will also have the Q degree of silicone. As for me, I think silicone is good. The function of cycling pants or shorts is to increase the comfort duiring riding, and in my opinion, the silicon is better than the sponge, you just need to ride a long time to know the importance of comfortable riding.

The most important part of cycling pants or shorts is pads. It has COOLMAX INVISTA moisture wicking function pad, which is in accordance with the ergonomic principle of 3D three-dimensional molding, to ensure that the blood flow in the state of intense exercise, and good elasticity effect to avoid bruises in the state of cycling strenuous. Its fabric is treated with Swiss antibacterial technology, adding the ingredients of COOLMAX, fast moisture wicking and sweat wicking to give you a dry skin. In addition to light, quick dry, not easy to change the shape, wear-resistant, tear-resistant, easy to clean characteristics. Another thing I think it has a fashion personality.

A suitable bike seat and the correct sitting posture is also indispensable.

Wearing cycling pants or shorts is not suitable for wearing underwear again

The reasons are as follows: cycling pants or shorts are designed for three purposes: to reduce wind resistance, to increase the comfort of the buttocks and cushion, and to reduce friction. The reason to reduce friction is because during long-distance riding pants or shorts , you may rub the skin for a long time, and it may cause inflammation or other skin problems, and the material of the riding pants or shorts is to effectively reduce friction. So, if you wear underwear, the effect of reducing the friction of the riding pants or shorts may isolate. In addition, underwear is generally made of cotton, which is poor in sweating function, moisture.

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