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Mid-Year Sale: 10% Off with Code: Inbike10

Mid-Year Sale: 10% Off with Code: Inbike10

Why You Should Wear Summer Cycling Gloves

With summer’s heat and humidity, you might wonder if summer cycling gloves are necessary. However, cycling gloves do more than maintain your hand warmth. While riding, they prevent injury and make it more comfortable.

Initially, wearing summer cycling gloves may feel odd and uncomfortable, but consider using them on every ride. Here are five compelling reasons why cycling gloves are a must, even in the summer:

1. Safety

Accidents can occur on the road unexpectedly. When you fall, you instinctively use your hands to break the fall. A critical layer of protection is provided by these gloves which keeps away painful cuts and grazes. You will like how it absorbs impact and protects against scratches during accidents when your palms receive this kind of shields form gloves. This is important because even if it’s just a minor fall, you might have to visit hospitals in such situations especially when riding casually or through bustling streets.

2. Firm Grip

Contrary to what you might think, summer’s climate is actually a good reason to wear summer cycling gloves. In hot and humid conditions, your hands can become sweaty and slippery. Gloves for cycling are sweat absorbers that not only keep your hands dry but also hold the handlebars firmly. In instances of rainfall, they are needed as they provide grip between wet hands and handlebars. A tight grip is necessary to control your bike especially during hard rides or when you need to make an abrupt move.

3. Injury Prevention

Cyclists often suffer from handlebar palsy, caused by prolonged compression of a nerve in the wrist. The resulting pain can be severe, and without proper care, you risk nerve damage. Cycling gloves provide cushioning and support, reducing the likelihood of this injury. This padding of gloves helps to even out pressure across your palms so that you do not get numbness or pain after long rides. This is important because it makes sure that your hand stays in good health while cycling hence avoiding chronic pain situations.

4. Comfort

Most summer cycling gloves feature a soft towel section, usually across the thumb. It also prevents sweat or saliva from trickling down the face and into the eyes thus making cycling safe. Moreover, using such gloves will make other cyclists happy for group hygiene purposes too. Furthermore, road cushioning in gloves decreases vibrations resulting in a smoother ride with less discomfort. This added comfort allows you to focus on the ride and enjoy the experience without distractions.

5. Enhanced Performance

Wearing summer cycling gloves can also enhance your overall performance.They help you stay upright especially when descending at high speeds or riding through technical sections. Gloves can also improve your confidence levels knowing that you have protected hands which boosts your trust to take on new challenges of cycling skills development.

How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Summer Cycling Gloves

Here’s how to choose the perfect pair of summer cycling gloves, with a spotlight on Inbike gloves:

1. Design

Cycling gloves come in two main styles: full finger and half finger. Inbike offers both types to suit different needs. Full finger gloves from Inbike are ideal for bikers, offering protection from thorns and other hazards. Their half finger gloves are perfect for road cyclists due to their breathability and the tactile feel they provide for brake levers.

2. Fit

Ensuring the right fit is essential. Inbike gloves come in various sizes to accommodate different hand shapes. Gloves that are too large may not offer adequate padding, leading to discomfort and potential abrasions. On the other hand, gloves that are too tight can increase pressure on the ulnar nerve, causing discomfort. Pay particular attention to the webbing between your index finger and thumb to gauge the fit. Inbike gloves are designed to provide a snug yet comfortable fit.

3. Padding

Inbike gloves typically come with either foam or gel padding. Their foam padded gloves offer a better connection to the handlebar, making them ideal for road cycling. The gel padded options provide superior protection against intense vibrations, perfect for trail riding. Choose the padding that best suits your riding style and surface conditions.

4. Material

Most summer cycling gloves are made with synthetic leather on the palms and spandex on the top. Inbike uses high-quality breathable and flexible materials that effectively absorb sweat and allow for easy movement. Their gloves are designed to keep your hands cool and comfortable even during the hottest summer rides.

Additional Tip

Consider Inbike gloves with tabs at the base, which facilitate easy removal when needed. This small feature can make a big difference in convenience.

By focusing on design, fit, padding, and material, and choosing Inbike gloves, you can enhance your summer riding experience with comfort and style.

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