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Mid-Year Sale: 10% Off with Code: Inbike10

Why Wear Cycling Gloves

Why wear cycling gloves is important when riding? The reasons is that the gloves can protect the palm of your hand when you fall off the bike. Reduce the damage caused to the palm of the hand due to external forces. There is also the fact that it can prevent abrasion of the hand or rubbing the hand.

General speaking, cycling gloves are sweat-absorbing, non-slip, breathable role. When riding, cycling gloves can also be a good protection to the palm of the hand and the role of the wrist joint. When the bike is in a state of high-speed movement, the gloves are very important to prevent slippage.

Classification of bicycle gloves

Cycling gloves are divided into two types: half-finger and full-finger, so try to choose the ones with strong stitching and thick palm parts. Some gloves also have towel material at the thumb to make it easier for riders to wipe their sweat.

Why wear cycling gloves

Sweat absorption, non-slip, breathable, protect the palm and wrist joints. Sweat absorption, breathability and anti-slip complement each other. When the bicycle is in high-speed movement, the rider’s control of the bicycle depends largely on the hand work. Well-made cycling gloves are all in the anti-slip effect up and down the effort. Breathability depends on the material and size of the gloves.

The protection of the palm of the hand is mainly reflected in the rollover, the rider will often use the palm of the hand first contact with the ground to make the body slow landing, if there is no glove for shock absorption, such action is easy to make the palm of the hand is worn and serious damage to the joint parts.

The main reason why cycling gloves are silent contributors is that not many people realize that they protect the wrist joints. In fact, because cyclists use a different sitting position and grip than in casual cycling, this puts the wrist joint under long-term abnormal tension, and its negative impact on nerves and tendons is even lifelong.

The special role of cycling gloves is to minimize the pressure on the wrist joint, and the back of the ordinary gloves will be laid down flat for comparison, you will find that the front is not flat but up, which coincides with the posture of the cyclist’s grip.

why wear cycling gloves

How to choose bike gloves

1, They have a certain degree of windproofness and warmth.

Especially in the colder areas in the north, cold hands are not only painful, but also have a negative impact on vehicle control, especially on brake control. So still pay attention to the warmth of the good. However, it is also not recommended to use particularly thick cotton gloves, cycling to be flexible and delicate hand operation, heavy gloves are not conducive to hand activity, unless you are in a very high cold areas.

2, The inside of the finger has a special design of anti-slip.

We are basically using the hand change such a dual control handle, gloves in the finger part has a special non-slip design, will be very helpful to operate.

3, The palm part of the hand has a padding. Silicone palm cycling gloves

Padding is a necessary design for cycling gloves. The padding can not only play a role in increasing comfort, but also can prevent slippage. Here it should be noted that the padding is not the thicker the better, too thick padding will make the hand grip the handlebar is not very flat, there will be a sense of abruptness, but not comfortable and not conducive to operation.

4, Thumb or tiger mouth part of the wear layer.

This is the same reason as the role of the pad, the effect will be more obvious when clutching the handlebar or hand change.

5、The wrist is longer.

Cycling gloves full fingers or the role of warmth. If you are not using a professional winter cycling top, or your sleeves are not tight enough, or you do not want to fill the sleeves inside the wind, then the wrist protector part of the longer good

Tips for Choosing Suitable Outdoor Gloves

1, Good outdoor gloves fabric of course preferred to use the GORE-TEX waterproof breathable material made of waterproof, moisture permeable function, can always keep the glove table dry, sandwich fleece material should also have very good softness, breathability and warmth function and after anti-pilling treatment, of course, the fabric should also have very good anti-tear performance.

2, The palm of the glove should be fully lined with non-slip wear-resistant rubber grain leather material or leather material, can increase friction and adhesion. Gloves should stretch and tighten the hand so that the fingers can use freely, can increase the friction adhesion. Finger bend using fabric, ergonomic finger bend design, such a design enhances the flexibility of the fingers, but also has a breathable function.

3, The wrist of the glove should be elastic tightening design and the use of professional waterproof zipper (with zipper design gloves), the wrist of the glove mouth should also be extended design. This can prevent foreign objects and snow particles into the gloves, while also enhancing the windproof and warm performance of the gloves.

4, Outdoor gloves in order to adapt to the characteristics of outdoor activities should be designed in the bowl part of the fastener and lanyard, convenient gloves off, wear, but also to reduce the probability of losing gloves.

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