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Mid-Year Sale: 10% Off with Code: Inbike10

The Importance of Bike Helmet for Kid

As a parent, keeping your child safe is one of your top concerns. When it comes to biking and cycling, one of the best ways to protect your child is by having them wear a properly fitting bike helmet for kid each time they ride. Below we’ll explore why bike helmets are so important for kids and provide tips on choosing the right helmet for your child.


Why Bike Helmets Matter

It’s estimated that more than 250,000 kids go to emergency rooms each year due to bike-related injuries. Many of these injuries involve head trauma, which can potentially be reduced by wearing a children bike helmet. Here are some key reasons why wearing bike helmet for kid is vital:

  • Helmets reduce risk of serious head injuries. Bike helmets can decrease the risk of head injuries by as much as 85%. They absorb impact and help protect the skull if an accident occurs.
  • Children are at high risk for bike accidents. Kids under 15 suffer a large portion of all bicycle-related injuries. Their size, lower skill level, and underdeveloped judgment make accidents more likely.
  • Helmets prevent traumatic brain injuries. Bike crashes are one of the top causes of TBI (traumatic brain injury) in children. TBI can lead to disabilities or even death in severe cases. Helmets dramatically reduce the risk of debilitating brain injuries.
  • Helmet use makes cycling safer. Studies show that helmet use leads to fewer head injuries per cyclist. Increased helmet use in a community improves the overall safety of biking for all children.
  • Helmet laws save lives. Research indicates there are noticeably fewer bike-related fatalities and trauma instances in areas with helmet legislation for kids. Laws make helmet use a social norm.

As both an injury prevention device and a visual reminder to bike cautiously, helmets are invaluable for keeping kids safe while cycling. Make sure your child wears one for every ride.

Choosing the Right Bike Helmet for Kid

When selecting a bike helmet for kid, it’s important to get the proper size, fit, and style of helmet. Keep these tips in mind when shopping for a kids’ bike helmet:

  • Measure your child’s head. Get an accurate measurement around the largest part of the head to determine helmet size. Most helmets come in toddler, youth, and adult sizes. Match to your kid’s head measurement.
  • Try it on for fit. The children bike helmet should fit snugly all around without being painfully tight. It shouldn’t rock side to side or front to back once on your child’s head.
  • Ensure proper coverage. The helmet should sit low on the forehead, about one to two finger-widths above the eyebrows. This protects the frontal lobe.
  • Adjust the side straps. The side straps should form a “V” shape under and slightly in front of the ears. Tighten the strap sliders below the ear lobes.
  • Check for certification. Look for stickers indicating the helmet meets standards from CPSC, ASTM, or Snell. These assure rigorous safety testing.
  • Select cool styles. Letting your child pick out their helmet increases the chances they’ll actually wear it. Look for fun colors and designs to get kids excited.
  • Consider extra features. Look for helmets with bright colors, reflective strips, and LED lights for visibility. Some have integrated sun visors as well.
  • Reassess fit frequently. As your child’s head grows, check that the helmet still fits right and meets all criteria. Kids need new helmets every couple years.

Following these guidelines helps ensure you find the right bike helmet for kid that offers maximum protection while biking. Make helmet use a non-negotiable part of enjoying bikes, scooters, and more. Instilling these habits young promotes lifelong safety.

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