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Mid-Year Sale: 10% Off with Code: Inbike10

Summer Cycling Survival Guide: Tips to Beat the Heat and Stay Sun-Safe

Hey, fellow cyclists! Summer’s here, and while the heat’s cranking up, it doesn’t mean our biking adventures need to take a back seat. But hey, let’s not forget about the sun playing tough – it’s brighter and meaner, especially when you’re out there enjoying your summer cycling. Here’s a straight-up guide to keep you riding safely under the sun without sounding like a science textbook.

1. When to Ride

  • Early Birds and Night Owls Win: Seriously, ride when it’s cooler – think early mornings or late evenings. The sun’s less intense, and it’s way cooler.
  • Midday Chill: Caught outside around noon? Time for a break. Find some shade and chill. It’s your best defense against the noon sun.
  • Pick Smart Routes: Stick to paths with less traffic, more shade, and flat terrain. It makes a difference in staying cool and avoiding the harsh sun.

2. What to Wear

  • Sun’s Not Your Friend: With the sun getting a bad rep for skin and eye damage, covering up is key. But let’s keep it comfy and breathable.
  • Gear Up: Grab a long-sleeved jersey that doesn’t feel like a sauna suit. Don’t forget gloves, a face mask, and sunglasses to cover up those parts exposed to the sun.
  • Sunscreen Is a Must: Slap on that sunscreen! And do it again after you sweat. Pick one that sticks around through the sweat and keeps you covered.
Summer Cycling Gloves
summer cycling jersey

3. Drink Up

  • Water Is Your Best Mate: You’ll need more water than usual. Aim for 2 to 3 liters a day on top of what you’re getting from food. That’s about 3-5 bike bottles worth.
  • Keep Sipping: Don’t wait till you’re dying of thirst. Regular sips keep you ahead of dehydration.
  • Balance It Out: After sweating buckets, don’t just guzzle water. You need to mix in some electrolytes (think sports drinks or even a bit of milk) to avoid getting dizzy or worse from drinking too much plain water.

4. Planning Your Route Where you ride is just as important as when and how you ride.

  • Seek Out Shade: Plan routes that offer plenty of shade. Forest trails, riverside paths, or routes through parks can provide relief from the direct sun.
  • Know Your Limits: Summer isn’t the time to push your distance records. Plan for shorter rides, especially when you’re getting used to the heat. It’s better to enjoy several comfortable rides than to push too hard and suffer through one.
  • Safety First: Always let someone know your route and expected return time. Carry a basic repair kit, your phone, and some form of identification. It’s better to be prepared for anything that comes your way.

5. Listening to Your Body The heat can take a toll, so it’s crucial to listen to what your body is telling you.

  • Recognize the Signs of Heat Exhaustion: Symptoms like dizziness, excessive sweating, and fatigue are warning signs. If you feel off, stop, find shade, and cool down immediately.
  • Adapt to the Conditions: Some days, it might just be too hot to ride safely. It’s okay to take a break and choose a different activity. Your bike will be there when it cools down.

In conclusion, summer cycling is a fantastic way to enjoy the season, but it comes with its challenges. By choosing the right time to ride, wearing appropriate gear, staying hydrated, and listening to your body, you can beat the heat and make the most of your summer adventures. Remember, the goal is to enjoy the ride and return home safely, ready for the next one. Let’s keep spinning those wheels and embracing the joys of summer cycling!

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