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Mid-Year Sale: 10% Off with Code: Inbike10

Mid-Year Sale: 10% Off with Code: Inbike10

INBIKE Cycling Jacket Review

In this blog, we want to share a INBIKE cycling jacket review video with all of you. I show you how to save money on your winter gear using INBIKE!

Specific and technical gear makes up the perfect piece of winter clothing, but it can be very expensive. In this video, we will show you how to get the same clothing while spending less using INBIKE and a few other little tips!

Today I show you how I went over time to select the equipment to face in serenity all the pedaling in bad weather. First of all to start the absolute thing to do is to go to identify What are our weak points. In fact, each of the parts of the body that is more or less difficult to heat in my case for me is a critical part are the feet.

In fact I suffer a lot of cold and feet. I can not warm them at all and then in my opinion for these parts of the body the best choice is to invest a little something and go to get specific products more technical that help us where our body struggles most to resist having made this initial premise.

The legs pedaling is a part that all good or bad we manage to warm easily. So it will not serve to have a garment too heavy that keeps the heat and makes us sweat a lot. To make all the moisture and our sweat and heat the outside and then this shorts stay dry and not even bother us while pedaling

I want to wear it without underwear over leggings I’m going to wear a classic bike shorts with the pad this classic summer shorts with suspenders nothing special and with these two garments my legs are fine. Before I put on the suspenders of the shorts, I go to wear this thermal shirt the long sleeved thermal shirt also from Decathlon like the shorts cost about 25 euros each more or less and as with the leggings.

INBIKE cycling jacket review

The main thing is that it is a very breathable thermal shirt this for the same obvious reasons as the pants. At this point we can put on the suspenders of our shorts and I go to complete the top with the classic cycling shirt this year has no utility at the level of bringing warmth to the body.

However, I find it very useful because to these pockets behind where if we need to put bars or a room to give discount anything always comes in very useful this combination. In my opinion is fine for temperatures up to 10 degrees below things get slightly more serious.

Details about INBIKE Cycling Jacket Review

Then we have to go to cover further here comes into play INBIKE. Because in fact they sent me in this package that contains exactly a jacket.

Let’s go immediately to see what it is. I would say that immediately at first glance the color is nice and bright and in my opinion as far as winter outings are concerned.

It’s a great thing because given the haze gone the shorter days are always a little bit darker being clearly visible is a great thing. Exactly this about we have in the front two lines that has bangs up here at the chest and also the logo here on the front is reflective.

I appreciate quite a lot as for the back instead we have a strip that has to fringe here in the middle to the back behind the neck and also in the lower part. there are these reflective inserts seems absolutely well made there are no seams done badly.

There are no threads that and of the same goes for the inner part. Each seam in place and seems to be of excellent workmanship the zippers all go perfectly. And I assure you that one thing not taken for granted this. As for the materials, the inner part covered with this file to the touch remains very soft it seems pleasant to have in contact with the skin and also seems to convey a good feeling of warmth.

As for the outside instead. All polyester and according to the specifications listed on the site to a good wind resistance. In fact I do not let it pass. We will not feel cold as for the rain instead has a medium resistance. This means that if we take a light drizzle protects us or even in all those conditions of high humidity fog where are those classic winter droplets.

It will be perfect if of course instead we take other people we should have a garment suitable for that type of situation, but we will talk about that in a moment. The only flaw that for now I can tell you is that there are no pockets on the back this.

I can understand because it is a jacket suitable for both a lot of things that are needed. However noticed that equipping it in this way I can take advantage of each and every garment for many more occasions the same will be true for this little jacket because I will use it both on the bike in the winter and for walking maybe in the spring and in the mountains and so it will definitely come in very useful to me.

All the more reason one thing I didn’t tell you about this INBIKE cycling jacket is the hood that for those who have glasses like me is cool because as you see it is nice and long and those who have glasses know there is no worse thing than having glasses all the points born of rain when it rains this way they will be definitely more protected.

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