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Mid-Year Sale: 10% Off with Code: Inbike10

How to Choose Cycling Gloves

INBIKE will share a post with all of you ahout how to choose cycling gloves and hoping you can get some useful information.

Why do you need to wear riding gloves when riding? Because gloves can not only reduce the danger arising from sweaty hands and slippery, the thick padded part of the gloves can absorb the shock impulse when riding and reduce hand numbness. In addition, gloves can also be used to wipe sweat, and even provide protection in the fall, fear of tanning female riders can also protect the sun, winter can be cold.

Don’t look at the gloves a small, due to the different parts of the hand to wear, the choice of the part of the material will be different, for example, the back part of the hand is generally made of breathable, sweat-absorbing, sun protection, cold and other materials spliced together; the heart part of the hand is more emphasis on shock absorption, anti-slip wear-resistant function, so don’t look at the gloves small, each design is thoughtful and attentive.

how to choose cycling gloves

How to Choose Cycling Gloves


To avoid the hotness of wearing gloves, the surface materials of gloves are usually meshing cloth, Lycra cloth, and sandwich mesh cloth. Lycra has stretch elasticity and breathability and is the most widely used among them.


The shock-absorbing effect of the glove lining is foam, EVA, memory foam, and shock-absorbing gel (Gel). Professional cycling gloves often use memory foam and shock-absorbing gel. It can be easily identified when purchasing: pressing the pad, the foam with poor elasticity is the memory foam, the one that can bounce slowly is the memory foam, and the elastic and sliding feeling is the shock-absorbing gel.

Memory foam has a better grip on bicycle grips because of its grip shape. Compared with shock-absorbing gel, its shock absorption performance is slightly worse, but it is suitable for road or recreational vehicle gloves when riding on flat terrain. Off-road and extreme sports vehicles are more suitable for using shock-absorbing glue to prevent shocks and provide support and protection when slipping. EVA material is harder and less elastic, and professional gloves are rarely used..

Anti skid

The less environmentally friendly but low-cost PVC was used to make a fist in the protruding part of the hand in the early days. Recently, it has been banned in Japan and Europe. Therefore, the most common PU material is now derived, which is more expensive. PVC costs more but is environmentally- friendly. In addition, there is silicone with a better anti-slip effect, but due to the high processing difficulty and high production cost, it is produced in a small amount. It is mostly used in professional cycling gloves and special-purpose gloves.​​

What Kinds of Cycling Gloves to Choose

Whether you want to buy a full-finger or a half-finger depends on your personal needs. The demand for half fingers is great when the weather is not cold. The advantages are that it is cool and flexible. Taking small things from your pocket and using mobile phones is very convenient.

However, the disadvantage is that it cannot be waterproof, cold-proof, and sun-proof. Check the weather before going out for a bike ride before deciding which gloves to wear.

What size is right for you?

Each manufacturer’s die structure is different, and even the proportions of men, women, and children are different, so the biggest point is to fit, don’t worry about it.

Since bicycle gloves are gloves that fit the hand better, to facilitate wearing and taking off. Some gloves will have a rougher anti-slip sheet at the bottom of the palm, which is convenient to pull down when wearing.

You can easily take it off by pulling on the pull line between the fingers; if there is no pull line, it is recommended to pull the fabric on the palm instead of the back of the hand. Because the fabric in the palm is more resistant to position, you can keep the gloves from deformation.

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