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Mid-Year Sale: 10% Off with Code: Inbike10

Different Types of Fabrics for Cycling Clothing

I think many cyclists have cycling clothes, but many people have difficulty finding suitable fabric for the season. INBIKE want to share this article with you to popularize the different fabrics applicable to the season.

orange rpet fabric

Mesh fabric

That is often said, honeycomb or mesh is the most common form of appearance. Its loose structure determines that excellent breathable performance. However, its disadvantage is easy to hook silk, so this kind of mesh are used in road bike cycling clothing.


We often say that the plain with compact structure and dense pattern. Its advantage is not easy to hook silk, but the disadvantage is that the breathable performance is not as excellent as mesh. Usually, this kind of fabric are used for mountain bike apparel.


Its surface is covered with dense fleece. It is excellent in warmth,but the disadvantage is no elasticity, and breathable performance is poor. Generally only in the winter cycling clothing use.

Thick fleece

With fleece inside, which is the thickest cycling clothing fabric, wearing bulky, almost no elasticity but with the best warmth performance.

Thin fleece

With fleece inside, the structure of the same thick fleece cycling jersey fabric, but the hair is slightly shorter, the fabric is also thinner than the thick fleece fabric, but already has a specific stretch performance that is elastic. The warmth is second to none, and it feels lighter and more comfortable to ride in while keeping warm.

Thick mesh

more consideration to breathable performance. This is the watershed of cycling clothing fabric, in the thick mesh fabric has been with the fleece fabric has the essence of the difference, thick mesh fabric has no fluffy existence, elasticity to be better than the thin fleece fabric, but warmth performance is slightly inferior to the thin fleece fabric.

Thin mesh

The fabric is thinner, more elastic, breathable is also more substantial. The maximum consideration to quickly dry, high elasticity, wear resistance performance; and plaid is thinner, more elastic, breathable is also more substantial, the maximum consideration to quickly dry, high elasticity, wear resistance performance. The performance of abrasion resistance; and plaid fabric cycling clothing is the same period as the thin mesh fabric. Its warmth performance between the thick mesh and thin mesh.

How can we immediately identify the good and bad of cycling clothes when we buy them? You have to look at some of the following details.


If you enjoy riding, you may concern the most about this problem . You do not want the clothes outside the wind dry, clothes inside the water. Then it would be best if you found a breathable cloth. The method of identification is to cover the mouth with clothes to blow to see. You can feel how breathable. A professional point of identification can also be filled with a cup of boiling water, the clothes cover the mouth of the cup, and see how fast the water vapour is dispersed.

Moisture wicking perspiration

Clothes perspiration speed is not fast. You can pour water onto the top of the clothes and see if the fabric and leaks quickly absorb it into the clothes below. It does not have the functionality of the fabric, is tough to permeability, and even poured into the water, maybe knotted into water droplets. That is, no functionality to speak.

Quick drying design

clothes wet, you wring them out, hang them up, and the wind can dry them within 2 hours. Cotton also has strong water absorption, but it is difficult to dry and has a very sticky body and functional fabric but can quickly dry up. Test this article if you do not want to feel the clothes sticky, full of sweat and smell.

UV Proof Design

No one wants to ride in the sun to be tanned, especially female friends, and even as an excuse not to ride. Of course, don’t get me wrong, the body is wrapped up to protect against UV rays. Wrong! Unless it is a very thick, thin cloth is required to add UV protection ingredients.

Comfortable and calm

Some fabrics have been added bamboo fibre inside, draped on the body relaxed feeling like a bamboo mat, if the whole body relaxed, and not sticky, close to the body breathable also sweat, I believe that this cycling words will be much better mood, can be better mood to enjoy the pleasures of nature, but, really have added bamboo fibre or a few.

One-way drainage

After riding, check whether the part of the pant pad attached to the body is still dry. The part of the pants outside by the seat is not very wet; this is what we called one-way water conductivity. The ordinary pad is just made of an ordinary sponge. Maybe the fabric’s surface is COOLMAX, absorbing water only on the pad’s surface, and cannot penetrate to the outside of the pants. The functional pants pad is a multi-layer different density of water-conducting cotton, water only to the outside, not to the inside of the squeeze.

3D pads with sterilization function

Many pads of cycling shorts are just made of ordinary sponge, and elasticity and fit are inferior and easy to breed bacteria. Even you will find that the pants pads have become thin and even smell after several monthes use. I believe most of you have a lot of such feelings. The hip in the cycling process is the most sweaty part, so the functional pads are related to the rider’s health.


The design of cycling clothes requires bright colours so that it is easy to get the attention of drivers and friends on the road, thus improving safety.

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