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Preparation Tips for Long Distance Cycling
If you want to start a long distance cycling trip, you should also know how to protect yourself in many aspects. Staying hydrated, protecting yourself from sun damage, having balanced meals, and training properly can help you are away from injury and deliver better results. A warm-up before you ride or the right choice of recovery snack can make your cycling experience that much better. And if weight loss is a goal, some of these tips could help you get there faster!
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Guide for Buying Summer Cycling Gloves

The reasons for wearing summer athletics gloves square measure numerous: from protection, to improved grip and larger comfort. The intensive vary of short finger cycling gloves will create it tough to settle on the correct ones.

The primary reason that the majority cyclists wear gloves within the summer is to extend comfort; through a mixture of improved grip, and extra artefact on the palm of the gloves to cut back the prospect of symptom within the hands on long rides.

The summer gloves that you just opt for for cycling seemingly to possess a rather totally different focus, with the stress on light-weight, aerodynamics, and most 'feel' for the way your bike is responding.

We notice that we want to contemplate all value points at intervals the market. Thus it desires investigation if you would like to shop for top quality however not expensive bike gloves.


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What Makes Good Flat Peals

For the mountain bikers, they usually choose two types of bicycle pedals: flat bike pedals and clipless pedals. Flat pedals are the favorite for most gravity, dirt and casual mountain bikers. Bikes can dismount from the bike or throw a foot down when things gets tricky, so those characteristics makes them the ideal choice for non-competitive riders, and a must for beginners.

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Cycling Tips in Hot Weather

Spring may be the best season for cycling, because the temperature is comfortable, but it’s a pity that the spring is so short.

Summer is hot, but many cyclists enjoy cycling in summer for the sunshine, for the blue sky and for the different feelings.

Here are some tips to help cyclists enjoy a summer cycling. If you think those tips are right, you can share with your friends. If you have other good tips, you are also welcomed to share with us. Leave your comment here.

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Keep Moving with Bike Smart Phone Holder

Smart phones are irreplaceable in modern society, but how can you protect your phones while cycling? Then you need a bike phone holder.

A bike phone holder enables you can still use your phone for direction, for music, for communication while cycling.

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Why Do You Need Bike Lights

To see and to be seen are very important during night cycling, so buying suitable bike headlight and bicycle tail light.


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