To see and to be seen are very important during night cycling, so buying suitable bike headlight and bicycle tail light.

A bicycle front light can give you a good vision while riding, so when you choose, the brightness, beam length and service life should be taken into consideration.

The light should be soft, so other riders and passengers will not be affected, at the same time, the beam length and width makes see further, so you are also safer.

In addition, a light is easy to install and detach, because it will cost less time. Furthermore, it can also avoid being stolen.

For a tail light, its major function is remaining other people and keep you can be seen. In many countries, a bike tail light is standard equipment for cyclists.

When you buy bike light, you need know the size of your handlebar, know some details of the battery. USB rechargeable bike light is increasingly popular, because it is convenient.

Tips: Do choose those standard bike lights for sale. Or you may be harmed.