For the mountain bikers, they usually choose two types of bicycle pedals: mountain bike flat pedals and clipless pedals. Flat pedals are the favorite for most gravity, dirt and casual mountain bikers. Bikes can dismount from the bike or throw a foot down when things gets tricky, so those characteristics makes them the ideal choice for non-competitive riders, and a must for beginners.

Also as the saying goes, flat pedals win medals, so in this post, we will address the necessity of MTB flat pedals.

What Makes a Good Flat Peals?

  1. Platform: The size of platform will affect whether it is comfortable when you cycle. Large platform design makes it easy for you to pedal, and it is also important that the platform can fit your shoes, so it is safer when you are riding.
  2. A pair of pedals with bearings will take less energy to pedal, because bearings have better lubrication. So you will not feel tired if you use this kind of bike pedals.
  3. Skid-proof Chunky and long pins with a rough surface offer significantly more grip than smooth pins or an excessive number of them. So when you choose your own bike pedals, you should pay more attention to the pins.

To keep the peals work well and you enjoy the cycling, you can not forget the maintenance.

The easiest and most effective way to protect your flat pedals for a long time is to clean them regularly. In addition, we recommend a yearly service which consists in cleaning and re-greasing the bearings. To some degree, it is also a good way to protect yourself.
Choosing right bike accessories is essential to your safety while cycling. So do remember to make investigation before buying and make the right choice.

Besides the pedals, bike phone holder is a useful device to place your phone and to keep you connective while riding. So if you are beginner, you need to make a lot of research before starting. What should you bring, and what is unnecessary is a problem, or you will be affected.

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