Things To Consider When Buying Motorcycle Gloves


  1. Your Feeling

This one seems obvious but a lot of people buy motor biking gloves without full thinking through how the gloves will fit for their given situation. Make sure you put gloves on and understand how they feel. Is there room to move or are your fingers too snug? Is there too much inner liner or too little and does the liner impede the movement? Are the gloves going to be comfortable during warm or cold weather?


  1. Size & Fit

This is a simple question. Do the gloves fit well and is there a good balance of snug and room to move. Gloves that are too restrictive or too loose will discomfort you while motor riding. Also, getting the wrong size gloves can make air running up your arm a not-so-fun prospect.


  1. Features & Protection

This can be everything from the gloves have cool carbon knuckles to protect your hands or air vents to make long riding more comfortable. Things like the length of the gloves (are the below the wrist or do they go higher up your arm) and style of glove all fit into this category. Read the rest of this post to understand the options when it comes to gloves so you can make the right choice.


  1. Material

What material is the glove made of It is leather or textile If it is leather, what kind of animal? The material choice and construction will impact how the gloves feel as well as the quality and likely working life of the gloves. So you need to figure out what kind of material is your favorite, and make you feel best.


Special Tip. Fit Is Hugely Important.


Yes we know we already mentioned fit. We’re mentioning it again because it is by far the most important factor. Proper fitting gloves are important for non-obvious reasons like making sure they stay on your hands if you get flung off your bike (loose gloves can fall off). Having full control of your motorbike is always important, so snug gloves that give you full, direct control is hugely important.


Knowing those tips before buying a pair of motorcycle gloves for sale will ensure you can get what you need.


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