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Cycling Skills You Need to Know

First, the correct riding posture

The upper body leans forward, and the head is slightly inclined and stretched forward. Keep the front is visible, and the arms are naturally bent. Hands are lightly and forcefully gripped while the waist is bowed, and the feet are made vertical vertical pedaling to avoid the left and right legs. Swing and distribute the weight evenly on the buttocks, feet and hands.

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Preparation Tips for Long Distance Cycling
If you want to start a long distance cycling trip, you should also know how to protect yourself in many aspects. Staying hydrated, protecting yourself from sun damage, having balanced meals, and training properly can help you are away from injury and deliver better results. A warm-up before you ride or the right choice of recovery snack can make your cycling experience that much better. And if weight loss is a goal, some of these tips could help you get there faster!
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