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Preparations for Summer Cycling

As summer approaches, many people choose to cycle outside the enjoy sunshine and have fun. If you also want to join them, do not forget to bring to following stuffs for a great cycling experience: your favored jersey, padded shorts or bib shorts, bicycle helmet, half finger biking gloves, and socks. But there are some extra package concerns specific to the climate.

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What Makes Good Flat Peals

For the mountain bikers, they usually choose two types of bicycle pedals: flat bike pedals and clipless pedals. Flat pedals are the favorite for most gravity, dirt and casual mountain bikers. Bikes can dismount from the bike or throw a foot down when things gets tricky, so those characteristics makes them the ideal choice for non-competitive riders, and a must for beginners.

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When cycling, you will have three contact points with bike: seat, the bars, and the pedals. All the three contact points are important, so choosing a good pair of pedal can increase your comfort and performance while riding. Right pedals can lay a good foundation for you to make power and move forward easily.


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