If you want to go cycling, then the following cycling accessories are necessary, cycling clothing, bike sunglasses, bicycle helmet, cycling gloves, etc.

In this post, we will briefly introduce you the function of cycling gloves.

The main function of wearing cycling gloves is anti skid, shock absorption and finger protection. In addition, bike gloves can also keep your hands warm in cold days, and protect your hands from being sunburn in hot days.

The cycling gloves can be divided into full finger cycling gloves and half finger cycling gloves, and many people wear them according to seasons, which means full finger bike gloves for fall and winter, and full finger bike gloves for spring and summer.

You all know that basically there are two pads in one gloves. Both of them aim to reduce the shock while cycling to protect your hands.

At the same time, you are easy to sweat while cycling, so usually, most of cycling gloves are designed to ventilate. And at the palm part of cycling gloves, the material are abrasion resistant and anti skid, which can increase the friction force of your cycling gloves. So wearing cycling gloves can avoid accident if you are sweating while cycling.

Many people may get confused is there any difference for riding mountain bike or road bike when using cycling gloves, so we will give you some details.

For road bike, the main difference of wearing half finger cycling gloves and full finger cycling gloves is temperature. Half finger bike gloves for hot weather and full finger bike gloves for winter and fall, whose function are windbreak and warm keeping.

For mountain bike, most mountain bikers usually choose full finger gloves for protection no matter the weather is.

There are different kinds of cycling gloves in the market. So before buying your own cycling gloves, you need to know what your needs are. You can consult your cycling partners, and you can also ask in the cycling forum.

You may also need other kinds of cycling accessories and bike accessories, and you can contact INBIKE if you have needs or you want to get more cycling information.