Smart phones are irreplaceable in modern society, but how can you protect your phones while cycling? Then you need a bike phone holder.

It enables you can still use your phone for direction, for music, for communication while cycling.

Direction is very important when you are in outdoor. So when you have a quality bike phone mount, you will not lost your direction. In other words, you will be safe if you know where are you.

With the mobile stand for bike, you will not miss the call. You can communicate with your friends, and your family while cycling.

For those music lovers, you can listen to music while enjoy the beautiful scenery.

However, here comes the question, how to choose among those kinds?

Traditionally, there are plastic bicycle phone mounts, which can fix the four angles, but it has some disadvantages, such as unsteadiness. For those can not be rotatable ones, the view is also fixed, so it can not give you a multi-directional feeling. For those with thin base, they are easily to harm your phones.

So you need a steady, rotatable and strong smartphone mount to keep you safe and to protect your phone.

INBIKE rotatable cell phone holder for bike is strong and durable thanks to the aluminum alloy body. In addition, CNS anodizing tech can avoid the surface from being fading.

Why it can be called universal cycle phone holder? Because it can be used not only in bicycle, but also in motorbike, e-bikes, and scooters. As long as the diameter of the handlebar is 0.9 and 1.5 inches, and it is also suitable for different kinds of smart phones, so it has a longer service life from its quality and its practicability.

Why it is good to use? The reason is that it takes many situations into consideration. For example, 3mm pad design can protect your phone from being scratched. In addition, it will not cover any button or headphone jack, so it is convenient for you to use.

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