Since more and more people has used bike to commute, and there are a lot of enjoy outdoor cycling, so riding a bicycle is a new style. Here comes the question, how to keep your bike safe when you have to lock them outdoor?

  1. Park your bike in a busy area where the CCTV covers.

  Choosing a area where many bikes have been locked up, then your bike will not be the only target and the thieves will have less room to use their tools. And CCTV can help you if something happens to track, and to find.

  1. Lock your bike with an immovable object

  This will increase the security of your bike, because it will cost energy and time, so to some degree, it reduce the chance.

  1. Choosing a strong bike lock.

  A high quality bike lock is the key point to protect your bike. There are many kinds of bike locks in the market. U lock, folding lock, chain lock, etc. Different kinds of bike locks have different functions.

  Foldable bike locks are a new trend. INBIKE 8 joints bike folding lock has a larger locking area, and it can resit hydraulic shearing. Moreover, it is portable and special design can avoid scratching, so it can be your good choice when choosing a bike lock.