Spring may be the best season for cycling, because the temperature is comfortable, but it’s a pity that the spring is so short.

Summer is hot, but many cyclists enjoy cycling in summer for the sunshine, for the blue sky and for the different feelings.

Here are some tips to help cyclists enjoy a summer cycling. If you think those tips are right, you can share with your friends. If you have other good tips, you are also welcomed to share with us. Leave your comment here.

Let get to business.

First, bring enough water.

On hot days you’re going to sweat a lot more and so it’s vitally important to avoid dehydration. If so, you will lose strength and make you feel tired and unable to push the pedals. And do not only drink water when you feel thirsty, because it will be late. So, to avoid dehydration, ensure you have a plan that how long you are going to ride in the hot weather and either take enough water with you or plan convenient stops for water. Plan for about 500-1,000ml per hour of riding at a decent pace. And sip often throughout the ride, to give your body a steady flow of fluids.

Second, do not forget sunscreen.

We all know the ultraviolet rays will do harm to your skin, and the worst effect it may cause is the skin cancer. So remember to use sunscreen cream before you start. And the function of sunscreen scram can not last for a long time, so do remember to re-use the sunscreen cream every two hours. In addition, a pair of sunglasses is vital to protect your eyes. So choose good high quality UV proof sunglasses means a lot to your eyes.

Third, wearing lightweight clothing.

It is certain that you will sweat while cycling, not to mention in hot weather, thus clothing is a good device to relieve this kind of pain. Breathable cycling clothing can avoid the problem cause by sweat, and you can also feel cool air while cycling. There are many kinds of cycling apparel in the market, so you can make sure what function do you want, and then make the right choice.

There are also UV proof arm sleeves and leg sleeves available. You can buy or not basing on your need.

Cycling gloves are also essential. If you think wearing gloves is hot, then you are wrong. Wearing gloves can absorb the sweat, so the friction is larger, then you are safer while cycling. In addition, cycling gloves can protect your hands if something happens.

Make full preparation, and enjoy your summer riding.