Since cycling has been a new trend, there are also a lot of cycling clothing brand with professional design and high quality. Generally speaking, cycling clothing can be defined as cycling suit, cycling underwear and cycling jacket.
Among the various choices, how to choose the suitable one is a big problem. Price, fabric, quality or design are important factors needs to be considered.
For many new riders, they may have no idea about why it is necessary to purchase special cycling clothing. So in this blog post, we will tell you the main differences between common clothing and cycling clothing.
First, breathability.
Cycling clothing have a great performance in breathability. It is certain that it is easy to sweat while cycling. So if you wear common sports apparel, you will feel uncomfortable because of the sweat, and it will also increase the risk of catching a cold. But for most of cycling clothing for sale in the market, the fabric is quick drying, so you will not be troubled by the continuous sweating.
Second, heat preservation.
Compared to common sportswear, the professional cycling apparel is great in keeping you warm. Especially in fall and winter, cycling will be difficult if you do not wear warm clothes. Winter cycling jacket and thermal pants will protect you from cold wind. To some degree, you can enjoy the fun of cycling in winter.
Third, low wind resistance.
The special fabric of cycling clothing can greatly deduce the wind resistance, so you can enjoy a faster riding with professional cycling apparel.
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